The above is what we consider to be the ‘Best Of’ from our last few years, so this is only a small selection of some of our favourite images. If you would like to see more of a specific wedding then you will find it over on the Blog. We post a large selection of images from each wedding on there so you can see what the difference in full and half day wedding photography will give you.


We describe our style of wedding photography as Honest, Relaxed Documentary Wedding Photography. We blend in with your guests for 95% of the day, without getting under your feet to tell your story by capturing the events, natural reactions and moments of your wedding day as they unfold. Dependant upon your coverage choice, we can be with you for up to 10 hours where we will cover bride and/or groom preparations all the way to boogying into the evening.


The venue, the details and the people are what make your day so special which is why we feel documentary wedding photography is the best way to tell your story. That’s not to say that we won’t do any ‘traditional’ images – if requested we don’t mind doing a handful of formal photographs. We do like to steal you away sometime before/after the wedding breakfast to capture some portraits of you both as a married couple in the surroundings of your venue, which also gives you a chance to have a relaxed 15 minutes where (as much as we all love family…) you get a little breather to have a little cuddle and celebrate that after all the planning “We finally did it!”.


We process (not edit or airbrush) our images to retain as much of their natural form as possible, owing to the true documentary style of wedding photography which we love. We perform subtle alterations to the brightness and colour balance before using tone adjustments to achieve a subtle, yet similar look to that of film photographs – muted tones, slight grain and colour hues are a few of the characteristics. We believe our images are as timeless as can be and unlike our parents wedding photographs and other ‘fad’ photography styles – they will still look beautiful in decades to come.


The wedding day itself, whilst fun can be a long day so choosing a photographer that you get along with is quite an important task (and one in which we hope we fit the bill). We love being asked to be part of your day, entrusting us with your friends and family is a big honour and one which makes our job the best in the world.

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