The above slideshow will hopefully give you a little taste of an Engagement session or pre wedding photography session as you may have heard it referred too. This is a small selection of some of our favourite images from our many pre wedding photography sessions. We don’t get to update the galleries as often as we would like, so please head over to our blog were you can see our latest pre-wedding photography sessions.

What is an Engagement Session / Pre Wedding Session ?

A perfectly valid question, and not quite as uncommon a question as you may think. Firstly, it is not us photographing the proposal….but we’ll do that too if you like? The Engagement Session – in a nut shell: around an hour of fun with you, us and a location of your choice. We’ll have some fun capturing some creative, laid back portraits of you both. It’s a nice opportunity to have some ‘professional‘ pictures together as a couple other than your wedding photographs. We’ll also have chance to catch up and chat about any changes to the plans since we last spoke and discuss the timings of your wedding day.


Why wouldn’t you want one? It’s so much fun! It is included with our full day package as we feel it is an invaluable ‘experience’ for both you and us. The Engagement experience gives you both the chance to see what it is like to have your photograph taken by us – two people you may have only met once before. We work with you both to find out more about you and get to know any concerns etc when it comes to having your photograph taken. Surely it is a good thing that we want to find this out before the actual wedding day? We find that it allows us both to break down some peoples walls of discomfort when they are put in front of the camera. Once we’ve relaxed you a little bit with some amazing (possibly cheesy) gags, we get on with capturing some fun and informal portraits of you both – its a hoot!


Wherever you like! There are no travel expenses (within reason) so let your imagination run wild! You might choose a location that means something to you both, somewhere with special memories, the place where you proposed or just a stroll in the park to feed the ducks (like Kim & Martin). And don’t think it has to outdoors – we are happy to do something that may seem quite simple like afternoon tea in a quaint local tea shoppe. Those are the normal suggestions, but if you have some amazing idea that you think is a bit too out there…it probably isn’t. If you want to go paint balling, quad biking, hiking mount everest…wherever it is we will be more than happy to see you there.


We schedule the Engagement Session for around 2 months before your Wedding Day. This is a good time to plan a place / date / time for your Engagement Session as it gives you enough time to re-schedule if you cannot make the initial date for any reason. If you have booked the full day package / bought a signing board, this gives us time to get it printed and assembled. We also find that doing the Engagement Session too long before the big day may cause those of you who are camera shy to ‘forget’ the session and be a little uncomfortable in front of the camera on the wedding day.


It’s really easy. You bring yourselves and…that’s it. You are more than welcome to bring any additions you see fit such as balloons (if you’ve been eyeing up Pinterest inspiration) or maybe even your dog. We just want you to be comfortable and for us to be able to capture images that truly reflect who you are, so if you don’t normally wear a smart shirt and trousers then we certainly don’t want you to come in those! Take a look at some of the images in the gallery above, but if you’re still unsure; as a rough guide go for a medium casual – not quite smart enough to be smart casual.

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