Contemporary Wedding Album Eco Leather Photobook


The Contemporary Wedding Album Eco Leather Photobook is modern Wedding Album (or Wedding photobook) that are very customisable, so we have tried to summarise the main points on this page. The album comes as standard with 10 spreads and a cover in either an Eco Friendly leather or Textile material. With these albums being in our lower price range they are quite basic but can then be customised to your taste.

Firstly the covers come as standard in an eco-friendly leather or textile finish which are available in a range of colours and patterns for something a little different:

When it comes to storing your album, we know that it is something you will treasure and look after. For a little added protection we do recommend one of these sleeves to store your album in, in a colour to match your choice:

Chris Jackson Photo - Wedding Album Sleeve

Probably our favourite type of customisation – adding rounded corners to the front and back covers, as well as ALL the pages, to give it that smooth finish (did we mention we love things with rounded corners).







The Contemporary Wedding album is available in both an 8″ x 8″ (20cm x 20cm) & 12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm) square format for Main Sizes. If you wanted to add a Parent Copy (or two) then these are available in a smaller 6″ x 6″ (15cm x 15cm) size which is great for thank you gifts for parents or even grandparents. Your images are printed onto Kodak Supra Endura photographic paper and then mounted onto 800 m/g2 board like pages. This adds a real feel of durability to the album and is perfect for passing around at work or showing to friends and family. The pages also have a textured laminate coating as shown in the slideshow which makes this ideal if you have little ones around, or are just worried about finger marks, scratches or other stains.

Lay Flat

Picture Windows

The albums use hot binding technology which ensure the pages stand the test of time. As with all our Wedding Albums, they make use of a lay flat binding technique allowing images to be printed over the centre without losing any of the image in the crease (which we think is pretty cool!). This allows you / us to be creative and make full use of the double spread when designing your album. The Contemporary Wedding Album can have a simple, classic cover or you can choose to customise it with several cut out options available. You can have up to 3 separate images (in a variety of formations, shapes & sizes) on display either uncoated or mounted behind a piece of acrylic (we chose unmounted for our sample shown in the above slideshow).


Your Album will be come in a plain cardboard box (a little boring) so we recommend choosing a sleeve to store your album safely in. It is covered in a cushioning material on the inside and the outside….well thats up to you. It will be covered in the same material as you choose for your album so it all matches perfectly.