Wedding Signing Board

We all know about the ‘traditional’ wedding guestbook, usually a snazzy notebook that gets passed around for your wedding guests to sign. Whilst this is the traditional method of recording a little message from your guests, we came up with a better idea. After your wedding, the guestbook may end up sat on a shelf or stored in the loft and can easily be forgotten about so we thought “Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a visual guestbook…”….. The Signing Board.

We take one of the images from your Engagement Session and get this printed onto a 10×8 archival photographic paper to stand the test of time. We then centre it behind an A2 archival, thick photographic mount with a bevelled inner edge to frame the image. We have this produced in time for your wedding day and bring it with us to be displayed at the reception (usually somewhere around the present table / seating plan. This means everybody will see it as they enter and they can then sign it, as they would a guestbook throughout the evening. As the Bride & Groom you are now left with a beautiful image of you from just before you were married, ready to be framed and hung up pride of place in your home so it can be on display and not sat on a shelf.

The signing board comes as standard with our Full Day Coverage, but can be purchased if you have chosen the Half Day Coverage too so don’t worry.

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